Whose story is it anyway?: ‘Public’ and ‘Ownership’

Posted here are the slides from recent presentations connected to the project – both at International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies, Newcastle University ‘Work in Progress’ seminar and the University of Leeds ‘Museology Seminar’.

The aims of the paper (still very much work in progress) are:

1) to explore how the idea of ‘public’ are set up through the Museum Association Code of Ethics as something which has to be ‘balanced’ with individual donors;

2) to locate museum debates over notions of ‘public’ within wider and very current renegotiations of the relationship between individual and the state (e.g. though confluence of privatization, ‘public value’ and ‘audit’, volunteerism, notions of self-determination and public participation);

3) to consider how ‘web logic’ and copyright activism is reconfiguring notions of both ‘public’ and ‘ownership’ (difference between notions of ‘public’ and notions of ‘commons’);

4) to conclude by exploring how copyright became enmeshed within different notions of ‘value’ (importance/montary worth) through Culture Shock!, a digital storytelling project led by Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums which we were involved in as part of the Art on Tyneside project. The paper ends by beginning to consider whether there are other ways of connecting notions of value which might allow copyright to be approached differently?


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